Key areas where organisations can protect value and take action, to address critical issues and mitigate risks.


The seven Resilience Levers are underpinned by real time Data Analytics insights.


What it takes for a company to be resilient is constantly evolving, driven by macro socio-economic disruptions and micro business issues influencing a change in business models.

The 15 resilience scenarios identified by FTI Consulting’s Resilience Barometer are a breakdown of these drivers - the key issues impacting the ability of a company to prepare for and mitigate crises.

  • A new wave of COVID-19
  • Sustained or accelerated supply chain disruption
  • Inflation in countries reaching damaging levels
  • Social and political instability triggered by concerns around an increased cost of living
  • A global recession or recession in countries
  • Decreased availability and rising cost of financing
  • Ongoing geopolitical tensions caused by the Ukraine war and their impact on energy and commodity prices
  • Rising national unemployment rates
  • Escalating political tensions between US and China
  • Advancements in technology rendering services obsolete
  • Large-scale cyber attacks causing disruption to global commerce
  • Increased corruption in company operations
  • Failure to tackle climate change quickly and efficiently
  • Workforce shortages
  • Increased sanctions, export controls and tariffs