Sustainability – Engaging for growth


Companies are increasingly expected to play a lead role in addressing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that have traditionally been the preserve of governments. The most resilient companies have embedded sustainability into their business models and decision-making structures and engage with a range of stakeholders to prepare for related risks.

As the investment community continues to integrate sustainability issues into their investment criteria, ESG ratings and performance will increasingly be top-of-mind for executives.

Whether this is as a direct result of a positive ESG score, proactive future proofing of the company or perception of the leaders, the impact on value is considerable.

Likely upcoming trends in ESG compliance include mandatory reporting of gender pay gap information; diversity and ethnicity inclusion targets and performance; as well as recycling and environmental targets.

Businesses demonstrating their resilience in these areas will be those that get ahead of the curve by improving their ESG reporting, driving greater disclosure and preparing for increased transparency on sustainability factors.

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