Regulation – Dialogue to create sustainable frameworks


Technology transformation, geopolitical tensions and polarisation of the political landscape has made for more complex regulatory risks facing companies today. Resilient companies are engaging with a range of stakeholders in the policy-making process, re-affirming their licence to operate.

The FTI Consulting Resilience Barometer 2020 shows 81% of respondents expect to see an increase in regulations in the next 12 months, compared to 76% last year.

Businesses face not only the spectre of increased regulations in their local markets, but as regulators collaborate across borders and develop common aims in certain sectors such as Big Tech, it has led to a convergence of regulatory standards in certain industries which can impact operations on a global scale.

Business leaders recognise that they need to play a more activist role in the policy making process – today 39% of respondents feel they should actively engage regulators to help with the development of or changes to regulations.  In fact, given the impact of regulations, 81% of leaders believe they should personally comment on political and regulatory changes affecting their company.

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