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Anatomy of a Crisis I – Communicating through a crisis

In this age of round-the-clock company scrutiny, we see almost as much focus given to how a company handles a crisis as the crisis itself.

With turbulence in our world growing and the always-on nature of the news, the potential for crisis has become an almost daily consideration for business. globalisation, investor activism, regulatory change, political and cyber risk are all contributing to increasing business vulnerability and the need for Boards to carefully consider their ability to respond effectively.

With this in mind, FTI Consulting has undertaken a piece of proprietary research of around 100 recent incidents that have made the headlines. Our objective was to shine a light on those crises and assess how they played out with a view to helping businesses successfully navigate future disruptive events of their own.

The crises we reviewed span the last 20 years, and include oil spills, cyber hacks, plane crashes, cases of fraud, product recalls and many more. We were interested to see what patterns emerge from these events – patterns which might be instructive for Boards and communicators when facing their own crisis scenario.

Caroline Das-Monfrais
Global Resilience Lead