Don’t get thrown to the wolves.


Find out how business leaders across the G20 are preparing for the top emerging risks and crises that threaten revenue, value and reputation in 2020.

“Companies across the G20 face more complex risks from technology transformation, geopolitical tensions and the polarisation of the political landscape. As executives continue to confront cybersecurity, financial crime and regulatory threats in 2020, companies remain largely unprepared for events that can impact revenue, valuation and reputation.”

Steven H. Gunby
President and Chief Executive Officer, FTI Consulting

“The 2020 elections in the United States, the looming UK exit from the EU, cyber attacks and increasing regulatory actions are just a few examples of challenges we see companies grappling with each day. It is not a matter of if a company will face an inflection point or crisis, but when it will happen — meaning the senior executives and businesses that are most prepared are likely to remain the most resilient, competitive and viable.”

Kevin Hewitt
Chairman of FTI Consulting’s EMEA region

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